Barge Loading

Barge Loading

Our PT Mifa Bersaudara coal is delivered to customers through the Peunaga Cut Ujong Port Terminal, which has a Stockpile Capacity of 350,000 tons and a Barge Loading Conveyor Capacity of 4,500 tons per hour with a distance of 800 m from the Stockpile to the Jetty.

Coal is delivered to the Barge loading conveyor by a combination of a reclaimer at the Stockpile Port and a direct bypass of the OLC.

PT MIFA's jetty is designed to withstand an 8-Richter Scale earthquake with a design capacity of 15 Million Tons to anticipate the geographical location directly facing the open sea, which results in dangerous sea waves, both on the surface and underwater.

Independent surveyors operate a mechanical sampling system located on the CV 03 conveyor and pickup at each Completed Barge to ensure the promised product quality.