Environment Management

Mining Water Management

Mining Water Management

Coal mining operations have the potential for adverse environmental impacts and potential environmental pollution if not managed properly. Therefore, in accordance with PT Mifa Bersaudara's Integrated Management System Policy, pollution prevention, especially water pollution prevention, is our main focus and goal.


We ensure that all mining and domestic wastewater generated from mining activities are not released into the environment except through government-approved compliance points. Wastewater discharged through these compliance points is treated, monitored and reported periodically to the government.

PT Mifa Bersaudara is committed to building water management installations and facilities, both for mine wastewater, wastewater at particular ports and domestic wastewater in accordance with mining wastewater management standards and technical studies.

Mining wastewater management activities in the mine area and particular Port area are carried out in a water management installation called the Settling Pond. We ensure that the wastewater released from the Settling Pond has been optimally treated, with physical/chemical treatment methods and that the quality of wastewater produced is in accordance with statutory regulations, namely the Decree of the Minister of Environment Number 113 of 2003 concerning Mining Wastewater Quality Standards.

Domestic wastewater has been our concern since the beginning of operations. This domestic wastewater management facility is called Sewage Treatment Plan (STP) and has been built since 2013. We ensure that domestic wastewater discharged from the STP Installation is managed and monitored periodically in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Environment and Forestry Number P.68/Menlhk/Setjen/Kum.1/8/2016 concerning Domestic Wastewater Quality Standards.