Environment Management

Reclamation and Re-vegetation

Reclamation and Re-vegetation

PT Mifa Bersaudara is committed to carrying out reclamation and re-vegetation activities in all operational mining areas, not only to fulfill our obligations according to the applicable laws and regulations, but also as our responsibility in mitigating World Climate Change.

Good reclamation planning is the primary key in the success rate of re-vegetation, where we synergized the 5-year reclamation plan with the post-mining plan approved by the government (Mine Closure).

We always optimally strive to carry out land restoration with reclamation and re-vegetation activities. Reclamation activities begin with filling ex-mining pits, topsoil spreading, final landscaping and erosion control activities such as drainage, terracing and drop structures.

Re-vegetation activities begin with analyzing the characteristics and quality of the reclaimed area soil, planting cover crops, planting fast-growing plants, planting local plants and re-vegetation maintenance activities. Over 20 fast-growing and local plants are currently thriving in the reclamation area. We also ensure that the Re-vegetation success rate each year is in accordance with the company's target and laws and regulations.