Safety Mining

Safety Mining

In preventing accidents, risks of injury, occupational diseases, incidents due to labor diseases, and hazardous incidents, as well as preventing asset damage and production stoppages, PT Mifa Bersaudara is committed to implementing Mining Safety Management consistently to support the creation of productive, efficient and effective mining operational performance.

We feel that implementing Mining Safety is an essential investment for creating Good Mining Practices in all operational areas to shape the company's culture and character.

In shaping the culture and character of the company to keep mining safety remains an effective priority, it requires commitment from all employees and work partners, who are the most valuable assets in the company, so PT Mifa Bersaudara applies the philosophy of "BERSAMA" which means, “Working safely is our main goal”. It aims to shape all employees’ and work partners' mindsets, awareness and concern to continue applying mining safety rules to all their activities.

As one of the supporting parameters for creating productive and efficient operations to achieve its goals, it is necessary to develop competent human resources by improving competencies and abilities to create an engagement between human resources and the company. A competent human resource is essential for implementing integrated standards and procedures in managing human resources, facilities, infrastructure, installations and mining equipment.

As an evaluation function in measuring effective mining safety performance, PT Mifa Bersaudara carries out the Mining Safety Management System Audit (SMKP) & ISO 45001: 2018 Audit of the Occupational Safety Health Management System both internally and externally periodically carried out by competent auditors.